The general rules/ guidelines for the submission of abstract

ISCO invites abstracts related to Oncology including Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Pain/ Palliative care, Lab Oncology and translational research for the ISCO annual conference. The general rules/ guidelines for the submission of abstract are given below:

Maximum number of words per abstract: 250 words

The abstract is to be structured into aims/objectives, methodology, results and conclusion. Participants may attach relevant tables and figures with the abstract
Kindly mention only the first and/or presenting author for the work in the abstract submission
Top 20 abstracts will be chosen for display at the venue of the conference. Selected participants will be intimated through mail prior to the conference
NOTE: On selection of the abstracts, raw data in your study may have to be discussed with judges at the venue for selection of top 5 abstracts
Boards will be provided for display in conference venue. The dimensions of the poster will be intimated through mail
Presenting authors have to stay near their abstract between 10:00 am to 12:30 am on day 2 of conference for evaluation and discussion with experts/ judges
Top 5 abstracts will be selected for podium presentation on day 3 of the conference (10 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion with experts). Registration fees will be reimbursed for participants selected for podium presentation
The best abstract will be declared after the podium presentation

Abstract selection criteria:

Idea (Maximum weightage) = 20 points
Planned methodology= 15 points
Execution of study, data analysis= 15 points
Results= 5 points
Concluding remarks= 5 points
Podium presentation: Total points will be out of a total score of 100.
Judges (Experts) = 75 points
Audience points = Arrange from best to worst abstract in order (Rank 1 = 25; Rank 2 = 20; Rank 3 = 15; Rank 4 = 10; Rank 5 = 5)